Industrial Fence Installation

Lone Star Gates & Fences in Brownsboro implements industrial fences for projects such as electrical substations, water treatment plants, water wells, power plants, cell phone towers, and natural gas plants to name a few. Our most common fence installation for industrial applications is commercial or industrial-grade chain link fence with barbed wire or razor wire and Secura-Mesh to provide medium to maximum security; often used at prisons. We install gates for these types of commercail projects ranging from 20 ft. to 60 ft. in width and using double swing gate and cantilever slide gates, or aluminum cantilever slide gates with or without gate operators and access controls. 

Contact us today to get an estimate or to submit your request for a proposal. We pride ourselves on a job done right. When your project is handled by Lone Star, all specifications will be followed to the letter. Come take a look at our supplies or call us to talk about your commercail project.

Areas we service include Athens, TX and Tyler, TX.

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